Perinia, the nation containing the former capital of the entire Korannon region (before it was broken up due to internal strife) has a history of aggression, and has attacked Galoya to the East. Their feudal lords are largely a militant bunch, brought up in a jingoist culture. This is in many ways exacerbated by the severe economic depression it has suffered under since the last Korannon war, 32 years ago. Perinia is currently ruled by Cristine XII, a relatively young woman to be in such a position of power (27 years old). There is a lot of nationalist pride, and the economic difficulties have not wavered that pride much. Being a member of the military bestows a high amount of status on the member and his family. Due to their culture, Perinia has the highest ratio of soldiers to their population, and training is seen as both a civic duty, an honor, and a chance to excel.

Current Status

At war with Vallatia, Galoya, Latrant, Thell


Gimble Graymane Sera Monroe


Korannon War Signal